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As promised, the introduction post for Doctor "Bones" McCoy. He comes with moving tricorder, phaser, communicator and lots of hands like Kirk and Spock. But his best bit is the medical set! It connects to his pants via magnets. And all the items can be taken out.
And he even has the small ring! It is loose and can be put on any hand. And the Exclusive version even has the medical tunic.

Many more pictures under the cut!

All the items move, open or can be taken apart:

 photo B02.jpg

Whenever I take pictures of creepy disembodied hands, I have to think of [livejournal.com profile] hamsterwoman ;)
Some are the same like before, others were modelled to hold the medical items. I just have to find out which is for which!

 photo B03.jpg

Most awesome thing: The medical pouch!

 photo B04.jpg

 photo B05.jpg

It connects via magnets to the pants:

 photo B07.jpg

All suited up!

 photo B06.jpg

No, the most awesome thing is the ring, which is tiny and loose! I thought it would be crafted to the hands. You can put it on any hand. Don't lose it!

 photo B08.jpg

No, but this is the most awesome thing! The medical shirt, that you only get with the exclusive version. It also comes with a short sleeve black shirt. I'll have to try it on. You know what that also means? That means that I could get my Kirk shirtless after all! The black shirt can be opened at the crotch! Be afraid. Be very afraid *giggles madly*

 photo B09.jpg

 photo B01.jpg
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