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More crafty things here

It was my grandmother's funeral today. While cleaning out her apartment, I found lots of things that I had made for her as a child. Some amazing things there. If you click the LJ cut then I'll give explanations for each item.

My favorite of the lot. A miniature gingerbread house, made from Suralin (Fimo). A one in a kind thing!

 photo DSC03883.jpg

The other side of the gingerbread house. Doesn't it look very tasty? I always get hungry looking at it!

 photo DSC03885.jpg

Another favorite - often I did several of the same, but this is another one of a kind. I always loved shells.

 photo DSC03892.jpg

Miniature bowle / cocktail sticks, made from Suralin. The holder they are in used to hold glue. The flowers and leaves I decorated it with were sent to me by my aunt in West Germany. She knew me well!

 photo DSC03860.jpg

 photo DSC03867.jpg

More Suralin stuff - a little pig with a real Pfennig for luck, and something to celebrate the 60th birthday. The elephant at the left happened after 1990 - I remember having bought a wooden one in an Indian shop and then thinking I can do this too. I added miniature beads to it.

 photo DSC03900.jpg

Snails, made from Suralin and real snail houses.

 photo DSC03909.jpg

Happy acorns!

 photo DSC03914.jpg

Painted stones - a seal and a turtle. These are "mass production", I have been showing other exemplares before

 photo DSC03859.jpg

Place cards. Simple folded paper, so it can stand (like the last row). You are supposed to write the name onto the line. I have no idea why I made so many of them? Guess I was on a creative spree!

 photo DSC03927.jpg

A heart made from salt dough, decorated with peppercorns and painted:

 photo DSC03879.jpg

 photo DSC03852.jpg
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