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Since my muse is working overhours at the moment, I am going to need a fanfiction masterlist.

White Collar

Hands FF.net AO3
After having been released from his kidnappers, Neal has to learn to accept some changes in his life.


Caught FF.net AO3
My take on the final confrontation between Malcolm Merlyn and Oliver Queen. Secrets and hidden identities are revealed but actually it is all pure speculation based on some spoilerous promotion pictures.

Heart in the right place FF.net AO3
Set after the finale of season 1. My take on how Malcolm Merlyn would be able to survive that last fight.

The Lives and Deaths of Malcolm Merlyn FF.net AO3
Set after the finale of season 1 of "Arrow", spoilers for "Torchwood" including season 4
How could Malcolm Merlyn survive that last fight with Oliver? Because he’s actually the immortal Jack Harkness. Now Malcolm thinks about the mess that is his life. Memories of the past arise – good and bad ones. This story has five chapters.

How I met my father FF.net AO3
Just a little missing scene about the finale of season 2. How exactly did Thea and Malcolm meet in the end?

There is also a 2nd chapter by Bloodsong13T here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10364982/1/How-I-Met-My-Father-continued

and a third chapter by him here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10364982/2/How-I-Met-My-Father-chapter-2

Total Recall FF.net AO3
After the events in “Blood for Blood” Malcolm Merlyn awakes from what he thought to be his certain death. Then a stranger turns up, bringing a message from the future.


Which present should I buy for her?
Rhys does not know which gift to get. I made it a bit of a riddle. I hid 22 titles of Christmas songs in this story. There is a list of them at the end so you can check if you found everything. Enjoy!

There's room even in the smallest hut FF.net AO3
This is the English translation of my German poem: Platz ist in der kleinsten Hütte

Doctor Who

Who am I anyway? FF.net AO3
After the regeneration, the Twelvth Doctor tries to find something suitable to wear in his wardrobe, while thinking about the past and trying to find out about his new character. And he owes Clara an explanation or two.


Jack must come to terms with the fact that his former life is gone.

A cold night on a cold planet brings back memories – bad and good ones.

It's better to give than to receive FF.net AO3
What to do with an unwanted present?

Yellow World (Jack and the Simpsons) FF.net AO3
Jack is pulled into his favourite TV-Show. Sam, Daniel and Teal’c desperately try to get him out…

Caught FF.net AO3
What Jack really was feeling when encountering Ba’al again

The unexpected guest
The first Christmas without Janet. Nobody is in the mood to celebrate. But then some Christmas spirit sneaks up in the end.

Watched from above FF.net AO3
Christmas, seen through the eyes of the man who has the most stress during these days


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