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I already posted the beginning of the "SG-1 figures in Vancouver" story a while ago, but now Paya has added many more parts to it and there are so wonderful pictures to look at. So please follow all the links to see the pictures and the stories, as it is awesome! Together with SG-1 we visited many original shooting locations which you'll surely recognize. Vancouver is an awesome and beautiful city.

If you leave feedback here I'll forward it to Paya by e-mail but if you are a member of the RDA-forum where she posted them, surely she'll also be happy about feedback there!

Part 1a At the Airport

Part 1b At the Airport

Part 1c During the Flight

Part 2 Expo Center "Bane" & "2010"

Part 3 Fishing in the Pub

Part 4 various Vancouver shots

Part 5a Blueberries and Beach

Part 5b At the Beach

Part 5c Jack in the Fountain

Part 6a SG-1 at Tollana

Part 6b SG-1 at Tollana

Part 7a At the Bridge Studios

Part 7b At the Bridge Studios

Part 7c At the Bridge Studios

Part 8a At the Vancouver Aquarium

Part 8b Burnaby Mountain - "Upgrades"

Part 8c Sunset at the Beach


Masterlist for all my other Stargate action figure stories:

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Previously - Part 7: first Q&A with Richard Dean Anderson - Friday morning

Part 8: Barry Campbell talks about Stargate filming in the Arctic

Yesterday Richard Dean Anderson got announced for Germany's Fedcon in May, and I realized I never finished telling you all about the wonderful "Meet the Man" convention in Vancouver back in 2010. I shall change that now. In case you don't know - Barry Campbell is the man that brought "Stargate" to the Arctic. He also appears in a small role in the movie "Continuum". At MTM he showed us lots of pictures and talked about the week the team was there - he was a great story teller! Click the link to read the full story.

Barry Campbell is just a lovely man )

Picture by Penjab

To be continued

And in case you want to read all the previous parts:

Part 7: first Q&A with Richard Dean Anderson - Friday morning

Part 6: Q&A Dan Shea (stuntman/stunt coordinator)

Part 5: Opening ceremony with Richard Dean Anderson

Part 4: Dan Shea, Barry Campbell and Paul Brown at our table

Part 3: Dinner with Richard Dean Anderson

Part 2: Moving to the Sheraton, many goodies and a surprise

Part 1: Arrival and actionfigures on location
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Just realized that I never showed my newest picture with Rick. Chevron con in May in Birmingham was the fourth time I met him. Here are the previous pictures for those that don't know them yet - you'll see that both of us got much more relaxed over the years:

2006 at Avalon in Wells

2008 at Gatecon in Vancouver

2010 at MTM in Vancouver

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Previously - Part 6: Q&A Dan Shea (stuntman/stunt coordinator)

Part 7: first Q&A with Richard Dean Anderson - Friday morning

He announced proudly that he is – thanks to daughter Wylie – on Twitter now. And throughout the weekend he wrote many messages, sometimes at three in the morning, that he could not sleep, or so important stuff like that he just came out of the shower. On Burrard street I saw this sign on a bus stop – I always got reminded of Rick by it somehow! „I can twitter“ LOL

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To be continued

Many thanks to "you know who you are" for the scribbled down RDA quotes!
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Previously - Part 5: Opening ceremony with Richard Dean Anderson

Part 6: Q&A Dan Shea (Sergeant Siler/stunt coordinator/Rick's stuntman)

Rick had left to his first photo session and the stage was entered by Dan Shea who immediately started to make fun of Rick, that he, Dan, is in so much better shape and not out of breath after doing the two steps up onto the stage, and then he yelled: “And my cell phone is still on! It vibrates and it feels good!” Because Becky had told us to switch off cell phones, but he got calls from work all the time and needed it. He also wondered why he was doing the first talk, he thought that Rick should have had the honour doing it, since it was his weekend after all.

But we did not mind at all, laughing and then oogling when he started to do push-ups with his feet on the high chair – and with his shirt off. And you could see the work of his muscles very beautifully, if I might say so. He entertained us quite a while with this, telling us to count but then jumping ahead with the numbers. The only ones that did not join into the wolf whistles were the stewards at one side of the room. He asked them: “Are you bored?” ;) He also made fun of two blonde girls, twins, sitting in the first row right in front of him.

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On to part 7: First Q&A with Richard Dean Anderson

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Hi to all my friends who love my action figure stories so much. I recently was in Vancouver, as some of you might know, and I took them with me to shoot pictures of them standing in front of original locations. Today Paya posted the first batch of our pictures, and as usual hers are so much better than mine. Plus she invented a little story and let them TALK and it is so awesome. Please please please follow this link, you won't regret it! The first post starts here


and you need to scroll down till the last picture with Daniel's diary.
Hope you have as much fun looking at them as we had making them. I seriously worried we might miss the plane ;)

And after we arrived in Vancouver, we also started with some shots on the location for "Bane" and "2010" - the Expo Center:


There is much more to follow, this is only the beginning. Enjoy!
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Previously - Part 4: Dan Shea, Barry Campbell and Paul Brown at our table

Part 5: Friday, August 6th 2010, morning

Before the convention officially started, we went into the Legends merchandise room and had a look around. I fell in love with this bag and bought it:

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Next - Part 6: Dan Shea Q&A (+ halfnaked push ups)
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Previously - Part 3: Dinner with Richard Dean Anderson

This entry is about the rest of the dinner on Thursday, August 5th. Dan Shea, Barry Campbell and Paul Brown visited our table as well, and we talked and laughed a lot with them.

Part 4: Dan Shea, Barry Campbell and Paul Brown at our table

After Rick had left us we got more visitors on our table. Barry Campbell, who was the commander of The 2009 Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station (APLIS 2009) and had brought the „Stargate“ film team to the Arctic. He is a fan himself and a very fun man to chat with – he even wore a Stargate wrist watch! During the coming weekend he hosted two talks where he told us in all details about how the movie "Continuum" was shot in the Arctic.

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Next - Part 5: Friday, August 6th 2010, opening ceremony

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Previously - Part 2: Moving to the Sheraton, many goodies and a surprise

This entry is about the dinner with Richard Dean Anderson, which only 80 out of 300 people could attend, the things that we talked about with him at our table and finally some pictures of Mr. A!

Part 3 - Dinner with Richard Dean Anderson

First we all went to the buffet and got some nice stuff to eat (there also was a second table with various desserts – btw., do you know how to be able to tell the difference between desert and dessert? Dessert has two ss because you always want two of it). Soon afterwards Richard Dean Anderson got introduced and came into the room, wearing a black leather hat. What a surprise. Here are two pictures by Penjab:

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Next - Part 4: Dan Shea, Barry Campbell and Paul Brown at our table
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Previously - Part 1: Arrival and actionfigures on location

Part 2: Moving to the Sheraton, many goodies and a surprise

We left the YWCA and went by Taxi to the Sheraton Wall Center. It’s actually not that far but with all the luggage more comfortable. We were the first to arrive in our room. The layout – beds, bathroom - was mirrored to the one we had two years ago, but the most important change: This time we had free internet access! Which immediately got tried out, of course.

And there was the big surprise in the mail – both Paya and me had managed to get one of the few dinner tickets for the evening. Literally in the last minute. Yay!

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Next - Part 3: Dinner with Richard Dean Anderson
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Just a quick note for all that wait for the next installment of my convention report. Today I brought my laptop for reparature and it might take a week or so till I get it back. Therefore I cannot reach my photographs at the moment. I will continue my report as soon as possible.

I tried to install a new antivirus programme and now none of the buttons work anymore. But I could not delete the new programme either, because it was not in the programme list.

So I decided for an expert to have a look into it, and while he's at it, to install a bigger harddrive to give me more space for all those DT and JB goodies ;)
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So, here comes the first day of my travel report. I'll start right at the beginning. No RDA pictures in this one, but some action figure shots on original location in Vancouver. Yes, we brought them with us. We actually had to pack twice, our own stuff and the little stuff for the figures. Paya made the Security officer at the airport smile when she had to show her things.

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Next - Part 2: Moving to the Sheraton, many goodies and a surprise

Back home!

Aug. 16th, 2010 10:12 am
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I arrived back home on Saturday afternoon. I'm looking through my pictures now, trying to bring my thoughts into an order and might share some stories of MTM and what else we did in Vancouver over the next days. Just give me a little time, please.

Met many, many people. Met old friends and made several new ones and became a bit of famous myself with showing around the action figure pictures. I also constantly was melting away by RDA's sheer presence. Seriously, if you ever have the opportunity to go see him live - do it. It cannot be told with words how he plays the stage. What a difference from that first shy try four years ago. He is lovely and childish and funny and lovely and cute and good looking and did I mention lovely? He also cannot be still for one minute, always in motion. He does not at all look like a 60 years old guy and you can see the pride in his eyes whenever he speaks about his daughter. I think he does a great job raising her as a single father.

The rest of the days in Vancouver were over way too quickly, we did a lot of things, but even if I said before this would be my last time there, I want to come back now. So much more to see and do, such a wonderful city.

Yesterday I went to an open air live audio play called "Dracula" with several famous German dubbers/voice actors. There was Oliver Rohrbeck from ??? who also speaks Ben Stiller, Detlef Bierstedt who we know as George Clooney, Erich Räuker who is the German Jack O'Neill from "Stargate" (now you know why I was there ;) ), Martin Keßler who is the voice of Nicholas Cage, and two more whose names slip me at the moment. There also was one musician and a foley artist doing all the noises and sounds. It was very interesting to watch his work.

For the Germans, I just found that you can download the play here:


Some different actors in there, but the story seems to be the same. We liked it very much. Afterwards they even gave autographs and I regretted not having anything for Erich Räuker. Wouldn't that have been fun to let him sign on the same page like RDA did last week? Bet he would have been surprised ;)

@ [livejournal.com profile] maggi137 You can send that parcel now ;)
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Phew. I just got confirmation. What a day.

For those that don't know - MTM stands for "Meet the Man" and will be a GABIT convention, held in Vancouver in August 2010. Three days full of only Richard Dean Anderson and Richard Dean Anderson alone. We have him all for ourselves this time, no other guests there. Even four days, if you count Thursday evening cocktail party, but I missed out on one of the only 80 tickets for that. Still, to get one of only 350 tickets worldwide is quite good! And you can believe the competition was fierce!

I was starting to worry in earnest, because I had been quite slow when registering at Friday (resp. the website was slow loading), and when today people started to announce they had a ticket I was not able to work anymore but checked e-mails every few minutes. Which had been a few hours ago. Hard to work when you are busy biting nails!

But now I am a happy camper and can go to bed without worrying!

So *Astra looks around* Anybody else I can meet there? If you tried as well, then I wish you luck from the bottom of my heart!


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