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Previous pictures:

John Barrowman lifting

John Barrowman biceps and banana shooting

John Barrowman hug & leg up

James Marsters

Group pictures

Kai Owen

You can't see it in this pic, as the photographer did it not the other way round, but I had my hands on John's bum, grabbing hard. He wants it like that ;) I had to do it even twice as they called me back for another one.

 photo 11.jpg
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Previous pictures:

John Barrowman lifting

John Barrowman biceps and banana shooting

John Barrowman hug and lg up

James Marsters

Group pictures

Kai Owen

You can't see it in this pic, as the photographer did it not the other way round, but I had my hands on John's bum, grabbing hard. He wants it like that ;) I had to do it even twice as they called me back for another one.

 photo 11.jpg
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Ah well, why wait a whole day - here, have some more. Group pictures time!
Last year, they did it with the chairs and it was very stiff. So I was very happy when the chairs were gone later (also, Kai loved my shirt)

 photo 02.jpg

 photo 03.jpg

 photo 07.jpg
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Oh my goodness. I have my ticket for Miracle Day 2 in London in May for months already, since we had such a blast last year (check out my report here: http://dieastra.livejournal.com/104806.html

But we all wished for John Barrowman to join us this year, as he is of course the icing on all cakes. Although the cast so far was not bad either, we have Eve Myles, James Marsters, Gareth-David Lloyd, Naoko Mori, Kai Owen and Owen Teale - and just now this got announced:


 photo John.jpg

Even though John was asked about this con at the stage door in Glasgow and said no European cons this year ;) So this is quite unexpected! Now I only hope they will choose my script and John will read what I have written for Jack. That would make my year. I made sure to put some whumping in, he acts pain so well ;)

So, please excuse me, but I have to have a little SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE
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I am so excited it is official! John already told a small group of fans at the stage door but we were asked to keep quiet for the moment. Today it is official, he chose the convention in Pasadena with lots of journalists to reveal that new Torchwood radio plays will be made, with the whole old team! I can't wait to listen to it.

So, let's spread the word, tweet it, share it, let them know we fans are still here and want more - and who knoes, one day we might even get the series back. There is always a way if you really want it.

Here's the link: http://communityvoices.post-gazette.com/arts-entertainment-living/tuned-in/item/38693-press-tour-more-torchwood-in-the-works


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Link to part 1 - Friday

Link to part 2 - Saturday

Link to part 3 - Costume contest on Saturday evening

Part 4/4 - Sunday

On Sunday, we went to get our autographs first thing in the morning. While waiting for the stars to arrive who were running a bit late, we chatted with one of the volunteers. He told us a fun story about another Starfury convention which was madness. As soon as he would stop walking just to catch his breath, a line would form behind him and then people would ask: “What are we queuing for?” – “Don’t know, I am just standing here!” LOL

When we finally were allowed into the room, as a nice extra we got a Torchwood poster which you could use to get signed. I always let the pictures I take with them signed though and got some funny comments about the poses.

Then it was time for the “Lust for Love” screening. Before and after Dichen talked a bit about the movie. Poor girl was so cold, she was wearing her coat on stage. )

 photo P1020402-1.jpg

The End

Many thanks to Antje and Julia for allowing me to use their pictures for this report.
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Link to part 1 - Friday

Link to part 2 - Saturday

Part 3/4 - Costume contest on Saturday evening

I always love costume contests. Fans can be so creative to make those things. Click the LJ cut to see all the awesome costumes!

Lots of pictures behind this cut )

 photo P1020215.jpg

To be continued in part 4 Link to part 4 - Sunday
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Part 2/4

So, on to the next part. At first I have to apologize, I forgot some funny detail in my first part about Friday here. When Gareth was supposed to come to the stage, at first he was not visible, made only ghost-like noises and we should all help with making him visible again. We tried hard, and it worked, and out he came ;)

On Saturday, there were the photosessions in the morning. See my pictures here and here and here. Then we were waiting what would happen next. While we did so, suddenly this guy – Ian – came to the stage and took a picture with Gwen, dressed as Gwen. He got quite a loud cheer for it! And he did look really good.

 photo P1020071.jpg

At noon, a new programme part had been included. The Torchwood episode “Countryside” was shown, and the actors gave their running comments with it. And at least half the people in the room had shown up in their pyjamas, as requested by Eve.

 photo P1020076.jpg

If you remember the episode, it starts with the team driving in the SUV through the – well, countryside, and Owen comments on the smell. Then John aka Jack is shown on the wheel, and Gareth chanted “Gay – gay – gay – gay – gay…” Next we heard, was Owen’s “It’s disgusting.” I’m the last person to make any bad jokes about sexual orientation, but this was pretty funny as it was really right on the beat. And it got only worse from there. Sadly (or maybe luckily?) I didn’t understand some of the things they said ;) And I actually don’t remember much of the rest, except for that story about John and his hangover and that he said they should not film any close-ups of his face. Eve said he literally had just taken the sunglasses off (the scene where they go into the house).

They also informed us in every scene when John had been farting... )

To be continued in part 3 Link to part 3 - Costume contest on Saturday evening
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One or two days before the „Miracle Day“ Convention John Barrowman announced on his Twitter that he had unexpectedly a weekend off, and would be found at the Hollywood convention.

I guess, that is in Hollywood.

I admit, it made me quite sad. I mean, technically I had known there was no chance he would be in Birmingham anyway, as he is one, in the US at the moment and two, shooting more “Arrow” but for me he still clearly was at the wrong convention.

But you know what? It was still great fun! I had two friends with me for whom it was the first time to see all those Torchwood stars, and it couldn’t have been a better introduction. A nice small familiar event, around 300 fans I think, and with Kai Owen, Gareth David-Lloyd, Naoko Mori, Dichen Lachman and of course Eve Myles, who had initiated the whole thing, on stage together, it was expected to be a blast.

 photo P1020037600x400.jpg

We should have probably been warned about what was to come at Friday evening at the opening ceremony. Sean, head of Starfury events, tried to do a speech and introduce them but was interrupted by shenanigans going on backstage. You know, the screen they had put up to show what’s happening on stage to the people in the back rows, worked both ways. So we saw some shadowy figures, having fun with bananas or trying to pick Sean’s nose on the screen.

 photo P1020049600x447.jpg

 photo P1020046600x445.jpg

He was at a loss for words, and he admitted that was a first in the past 15 years of doing conventions. And he ended with the now famous “Thank God John Barrowman isn’t here!”

Well, in the end he was with us in spirit, as he got mentioned from those on stage quite a few times. Or at least his balls. But more about that later.

 photo P1020063600x402.jpg

After the opening ceremony we went straight to the room... )

To be continued in part 2 Link to part 2 - Saturday
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I just realized I never showed the rest of my pictures from Peterborough back in May 2012. It was the convention that had the complete "Torchwood" cast, something which might never ever happen again. I already had posted the pictures of me with hugging John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd and Kai Owen, as well as the Torchwood group picture. Here is a report with lots more pictures from the convention, also me and JB in the "Back to the future" car (not at the same time sadly), me touching JB's bum (on his request), me wearing JB's hat ... you get the picture *g*

Detailed Report "Greatest Show in the Galaxy" May 2012 Peterborough

Here are finally me with...

Eve Myles (picture 5):

 photo EveAuto600x400.jpg

Naoko Mori (picture 6):

 photo NaokoAuto600x403.jpg

and Burn Gorman (picture 7):

 photo BurnAuto600x398.jpg

Someone had given him this tinsel right before me and that's why he is looking like a Christmas tree LOL
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Resuming my daily picture post, now that I scanned all the others because of the autographs. Today we have my picture with Gareth-David Lloyd, which I think looks quite lovely:

And here are two great videos to watch, to get an idea what this con was like. They focus at the area and the fans in costume, and a few stars as well:

part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pizWMyn3-64

part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3ANJg9_EK0


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This picture was taken on Saturday as Burn Gorman was only there one day. But on Sunday I saw people coming out with funny pictures, where they were picked up by all the male guys and hold in the air. I should have decided to buy another one but was too slow to make my mind up. So I only have an "ordinary" Torchwood croup picture.


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