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Masterlist for Stargate action figure theatre

coming soon:

- invisible Jack on the toilet

- Moritzburg

- Jack & Daniel at the beach

- RDA & Halo Chief

- Christmas tree

- Jack and snakes

- Excavation

- Housebuilding

Scotty shops for new weapons Facebook Tumblr Twitter
Crossover with Star Trek

Richard Dean Anderson and the Halo Master Chief Facebook Tumblr Twitter

SG-1 exploring the world in a miniature park Facebook1 Facebook2 Facebook3 Tumblr


Valentine's Day - Sam and Jack Barbecue at the beach Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Men's Health Magazine cover Facebook Tumblr Twitter
1st place in January 2016 contest: "Magazine Cover or Movie Poster"

Crossover: Indiana Jones - Crystal Skull
Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Big anniversary picnic 2/2 Facebook Tumblr2 Twitter AO3
The aftermath of the party

Big anniversary picnic 1/2 Facebook Tumblr1 Twitter AO3
Star Trek and Stargate figures have a barbecue together

Where's my book? Facebook Tumblr Twitter
And suddenly, Kirk's book shelf was empty. With Stargate guest stars.

Jack and Sam in Saxon Switzerland Tumblr

Family & Baywatch Tumblr
Entry for the June 2015 competition in Sixth Scale Universe: "Family"
Entry for the July 2015 competition in Sixth Scale Universe: "TV / Movie"

Where has all the water gone? Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Jack and Daniel deal with the heatwave FB1 FB2 FB3 FB4 Tumblr TW1 TW2 AO3

Jurassic World - Stargate Style Facebook Tumblr AO3
The famous #prattkeeping scene

Jack and Daniel at a bench Facebook Tumblr

Jack and Daniel enjoying the sunset at Valentine's Day (Slash) Facebook Tumblr
Entry for the February 2015 competition in Sixth Scale Universe: "Valentine's Day"

Air Force Dress uniform for Jack O'Neill Tumblr1 Tumblr2

Daniel's new clothes Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Jack's new clothes Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Soccer Space Cup part 1 Facebook Tumblr1 Tumblr2 Tumblr3 Tumblr4 Twitter

Soccer Space Cup part 2 Tumblr5 Tumblr6

Soccer Space Cup part 3 Tumblr7 Tumblr8 Tumblr9

Records, music cassettes and diskman Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Jack likes music and fast food Facebook Tumblr

SG-1 celebrates the 5th anniversary of the movie "Continuum" Facebook

SG-1 is unwrapping Christmas gifts
Look what nice gifts they got from Santa Claus!

SG-1 on vacation part 2/2
SG-1 has to set up camp

SG-1 on vacation part 1/2
SG-1 is on vacation and the car has a flat tire

Action figures in Vancouver
The SG-1 team travels to Vancouver and visits original shooting locations!

Jack and Daniel at the beach part 2/2
Jack and Daniel enjoy vacation at the Baltic Sea - now they rent a beach chair...

Jack and Daniel at the beach part 1/2
Jack and Daniel enjoy vacation at the Baltic Sea - surfing, playing soccer, building sand castles...

Jack in the fitness center
Jack is doing some workout

Jack in blue dress uniform
I customized a Jack in his blue Air Force uniform

Jack and Sam - Valentine's Day
Jack and Sam celebrate Valentine's Day on a planet far, far away

All Stars New Year's eve concert
Crossover Stargate/Atlantis - friend and foe make music together!

Just an ordinary Day part 2
Will the team make it home?

Just an ordinary Day part 1
The SG-1 team gets caught - as usual

Jack and Daniel have a quiet evening

Episode: A Hundred Days
Jack is chopping wood and using the whetstone

Episode: Bane
Teal'c is bitten by a big bug

Last day of shooting - Dancing at the gate
The actors have wrapped the last shooting day and start a little dance

Jack at the beach
Jack went diving and met an octopus

Episode: The Broca Divide
The famous scene with Sam and Jack in the locker room

General O'Neill briefs President Obama on the Stargate programme
What the title says - President Obama is in for some surprises!

Episode: Brief Candle
Some scenes from the episode - half naked Jack, and wet Jack!

Episode: Urgo
The scene with the SG-1 team at the table full of Jell-o and cake

Jack wents diving
Jack went diving and met someone from "Baywatch"

Jack and Daniel try out their new camping gear

Episode: Double Jeopardy
The scene where Daniel lost his head - literally!

SG-1 is baking pizza
SG-1 is making a mess in the kitchen

Episode: Window of Opportunity
Some famous scenes from the episode - juggling, golfing, WACKO-face, Froot Loops...

Just a little fun in the snow
Building a snowman, snow ball fight, sledding, snow angels - you get the idea!

Christmas at the SGC - with Atlantis guests
Stargate and Atlantis crew members celebrate a huge Christmas in the Gate room

SG-1 is decorating the Christmas tree in Jack's house
Although the tree looks a bit big for me...


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