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I guess you are here for the Action Figure Theater, right?

At the moment we do have Stargate and Torchwood and Doctor Who stories.

There is also the odd Stargate fanfiction in between.
If you are interested in my customizing skills, then just click on the word.

Hope you like it here! If you do, please leave feedback.
Have fun!
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I got the (fake) rocks in the background from a pet shop, they are for aquariums. I tried them with both the Diamond Select Toys figures as well as the smaller Mezco ones. Beware of the snake!



And then Kirk also got to fight the Gorn.


Batman Day

Sep. 23rd, 2017 05:00 pm
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Today September 23 is Batman Day! So here is a look into the future of Bruce.

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Tonight aftera long wait finally "Gotham" returns with its 4th season. It will be the first season I am goin to watch live and discussing with fellow fans, instead of binge-watching.
To celebrate this occasion, I did some pictures of Bruce growing up with Alfred. More to come if I can think of anything else from his childhood!

Also, there's a story behind this! I didn't pull it out of thin air ;)

A few days ago Sean Pertwee posted this picture of himself skateboarding as a teenager in the Seventies on Instagram. He is the one up in the air. I was quite impressed, also by the level of trust the guy lying on the ground puts into him! https://www.instagram.com/p/BZByXbtH9Sz/?hl=en&taken-by=seanpertwee

So I got inspired ;) And, to top it all off, he did not only retweet my tweet today, but also add a comment! I made him laugh! Yay!

Here is his tweet: https://twitter.com/seanpertwee/status/910926006424399873



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Look at that awesome chair I got for my Penguin! I saw it on someone's picture and HAD to have it. Helpful people told me that originally this came with the Morpheus figure from Matrix, but then someone gave me the link to this replica and so I was able to get it much cheaper and without having to buy an expensive figure I don't really want anyway. I am on a shopping spree right now, more awesome things to arrive soon!


Here Penguin gets painted by van Gogh. In the background you can see my newly built panelled wall and the refurbished chaiselongue I did.


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I guess everyone has seen the finale of season 3 by now and if you haven't you probably aren't a Gotham fan anyway ;) Here is a little episode tag to THAT scene between Alfred and Bruce - seen through Alfred's eyes. Spoilers, obviously! Only 390 words but I had to write it down.

Alfred’s knees ached from kneeling on the hard stone floor. Those ninja guys had thrown him down rather unceremoniously. His ribs hurt from his earlier encounter with them, and his head still reeled from that backhand he’d just received. He’d tasted blood when he had spat out. All in all, he had felt better.

I’m getting too bloody old for this shit, he thought. But then again he wouldn’t die of old age as things were looking right now.

But his aches and pains were nothing compared with the pain in his heart. Seeing Bruce, his boy, standing there with eyes so cold made Alfred shudder involuntarily. He tried every tactic he could imagine. He pleaded, he begged, he tried to remind Bruce of old times. But Bruce never even blinked and the tip of the sword on Alfred’s throat never wavered.

That’s when he realized that there was only one way out of this. He’d have to sacrifice himself so that Bruce could overcome this. It was one hell of a dangerous plan with no guarantee to work but it was the only way left. Alfred just hoped that Bruce wouldn’t be too guilt stricken once he realized what he had done.

So instead of begging for his life, he encouraged Bruce to end it. And even though he had tried to mentally prepare himself, nothing could prepare him for the sudden hot-white pain when the sword slid effortlessly right into the middle of his chest. He couldn’t prevent an outcry. Damn, but that hurt.

Alfred struggled to stay conscious, to stay upright. Through the fog in his head and the ringing in his ears he heard Bruce’s faint cries. It seemed to have worked then, at least this he could take into his grave.

And then, in his panic, Bruce did the one thing he shouldn’t have. He removed the sword which brought another wave of pain and now let the blood flow freely out of Alfred. With a gargling sound he fell over. He struggled to say something, some last encouragement for Bruce, but found he couldn’t. The sword had hit his lung, and he was drowning in his own blood. It became harder and harder to breathe.

The edges of his vision became darker and darker and finally Alfred gave in.

The darkness swallowed him whole.

The End



Sep. 10th, 2017 09:32 am
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Seems I am on Instagram now! I just tried to upload my first pic. So, if anyone rather wants to follow there or share my pics with friends, you can do so now. I'll upload more pictures over time.
I'm very new to this so if I am doing anything wrong, please let me know. I am happy to learn.

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I let myself be scanned and printed in 1:10 scale. Now I can take part in my own stories!
(and yes, that are empty Toffifee/Toffifay plastics at the wall there)





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I think Bones is a bit fed up with me. It's not my fault. There are also white and red disko chairs available but they are sold out so I only was able to get the blue and green one.



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Thank you [livejournal.com profile] leesa_perrie for providing me with the dog picture. It reminded me of one with John Barrowman that was posted some days ago - having fallen asleep after a hard shopping spree.

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This chaiselongue is sold on ebay under the name Barbie but it is only 1:12 dollhouse size. And looking as cheap as it costs. I refurbished it today with velvet that came from the envelope of an old pocket calendar. Look, I can even use the metal sign for my steampunk stuff. Nothing gets wasted ;)

Showing some details for the armrest - as you surely all know, you need to cut out triangles, to form it around a round surface.

I just winged the rest - put it on, cut more off, tried to form it around the corners. I am quite pleased with the result. I did not want to put velvet on the backrest, as I liked the detail there and it would have been lost. So I just painted it. Wondering if I should do the dots in golden paint or would that be too much?





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All of a sudden I had the urge to make a steampunk miniature. I used one of those Minions eggs as a base, added "nuts" with my bead pen and the rest is all stuff that I had lying around ever since my childhood. I always was a hoarder and it seems I was into steampunk long before the word was invented! Someone in our Dollhouse FB group is making the funniest machineries and so I wanted to try my hands as well. See more under the cut!

More pictures behind the cut )


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"Who am I anyway?"
(and yes, that is a song quote from "A Chorus Line". Gave me quite an earworm)

Picture for this month's Sixth Scale Universe contest "Seeing double".

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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] hamsterwoman ! Picture stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sgamadison but I thought it fit you ;) Have a nice birthday!

hamsterwoman birthday
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Alfred in the hospital, after his fight with Azrael.
Also, I need a bigger Bruce. He looks so small!




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I just remembered something about the Stuttgart con that nobody has told yet. I think. I hope I am allowed to ;) I actually wrote it down as it was so hilarious.
John told the story from "Children of Earth", where Ianto dropped the concrete cube and then Jack is standing there naked. And he had women sanitary pads taped to the soles of his feet so they would not get cut in the rubble. He asked us what that word means in German, and everyone shouted "Binden". So he continued to tell his story in a mixture of English and German: "So I was walking with zwei Binden on me Fuss... and with water Bindens get bigger!"
We all were cracking up at the time including him, and he said he'll never forget this word now.

To have this post not without a picture, I am adding my sandwich with John and Stephen, done in May in London. When I declared that I wanted a sandwich, John said he loved sandwiches. Stephen did not say anything ;)

06 Arrow (600 x 475)
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I made a surfing Sean! I called it "The last wave". A little memory of "Blue Juice". The figure is actually a Spike figure (from Buffy), I just put Alfred's head onto it.



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You know what is really funny? Ever since I started to watch the original Star Trek two years ago (because I had watched one of the new movies with Benedict Cumberbatch) I keep reading that Kirk is like Horatio Hornblower. All this time this name meant nothing to me. Never heard of him before. Wasn't part of my upbringing in East Germany.

A few weeks ago I finally started to watch "Forever" just because that Ioan Gruffud guy I equally never had heard of also was supposed to be at Comic Con Germany, and I did not want to regret afterwards to not have taken a picture with him. I had heard of "Forever" in our "Torchwood" group, that this guy was like Jack Harkness and always comes back after death, but never checked it out. Well, sadly he cancelled, as I am enjoying myself immensely with this series right now. Too bad there is only one season.

So again (when will I ever learn?) I made the mistake to look up Ioan Gruffud on youtube. Turns out I HAVE seen him before in the "Amazing Grace" movie that I once watched because of Benedict Cumberbatch. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the way I watch TV! Wasn't much interested in the "Almost Human" series with a cop and his robot partner, then someone told me that this was actually Karl Urban, you know, how could you not know this... and bam!

So, just now I found this. It's not so much a series, more like 8 TV movies, and from the few clips I saw so far, it looks amazing. Can't wait to watch it properly. Why do I always find these things way past midnight? Can someone tell me?

So, if you are an Ioan Gruffud fan (he plays the main role of Hornblower in case I did not mention that) or a Kirk fan that wants to get educated, here is the first part.
And I just looked who else is in there. Now where have I heard the name Jamie Bamber before? Right, he was in "Star Trek Continues" once... ;)


(see [livejournal.com profile] alumfelga I can do it just as well as you!)
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In the Academy, Kirk's nickname was "A stack of books with legs". Look what I got him! This is a stack indeed, not single books.



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